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Perfectly Smooth Skin Scrub
Perfectly Smooth Skin Scrub
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    DESCRIPTION: Purify, refine and smooth with this gel-based exfoliating Pumice scrub infused with one of nature’s finest natural skin refiners. This scrub is recommended for those who desire a moderately aggressive
    microdermabrasion that refines skin texture. Fruit Enzymes enhance softness while natural lipids help restore moisture and hydration following exfoliation.


    DIRECTIONS: Use one to two times a week. Avoiding eye and lip area, apply a small amount of Scrub to clean skin. Lightly massage in circular motions taking care not to over stimulate the skin. Leave on for up to 10 minutes
    then rinse with warm water to remove.

     Skin Type: All, Except Sensitive 

    Key Ingredients: Pineapple Fruit, Kukui Seed Oil, Spinach Leaf Extract, Green Tea Extract 




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